Kristen Stewart Says She Only Made 5 ‘Good’ Movies. We Attempt To Narrow Down Which They Are.

The actress darkly admitted in a recent interview that making movies is a "total crapshoot."

Kristen Stewart Says She Only Made 5 ‘Good’ Movies. We Attempt To Narrow Down Which They Are.
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As it turns out, even Kristen Stewart knows that many are movies are not great.

The actress gave a refreshingly honest interview to The Sunday Times ahead of the release of her upcoming Princess Diana biopic, Spencer, and divulged that she’s really only liked a few of the many, many films she’s made in the last 20 years.

“It’s a total crapshoot. I’ve probably made five really good films, out of 45 or 50 films? Ones that I go, ‘Wow, that person made a top-to-bottom beautiful piece of work!’” she said.

She went on to say that of her oeuvre, her favorites are Clouds of Sils Maria and Personal Shopper (I’m 86% sure that I fell asleep during Clouds of Sils Maria, so that’s truly a bold choice for Stewart).

The actress added that she “only regretted saying yes to a couple of films” and that: “The worst is when you’re in the middle of something and know that not only is it probably going to be a bad movie, but we’re all bracing until the end.”

One can only assume that her 2019 reimagining of Charlie’s Angels was one of those films. The bravado of thinking you could outdo Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, and Lucy Liu!!!

At any rate, after ruminating with the rest of the Jezebel staff about what KStew’s best works were, we narrowed down the five best films she’s made:

The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas

Stewart stars as the uncredited “Ring Toss Girl” in this absolute train-wreck of a film, which stars one of the more problematic Baldwins, Kristen Johnson, Jane Krakowski, and many other D-List celebs. It’s all so bad that it boomerangs back to being incredibly good, which, yes, is a thing. — Jenna Amatulli

Panic Room

Ultra-tense and paced breathlessly, Panic Room is director David Fincher at his popcorniest. The unadulterated thriller is so propulsive, its actors need only to move out of the way and let the movie do its thing. Stewart’s contribution is perhaps most memorable for her androgynous presentation (and so early in her career!). She’s good, but the movie is better, and 19 years later it really holds up.— Rich Juzwiak

Catch That Kid

A reverse heist movie where Kristen Stewart plays a 12-year-old girl who loves to climb, her dad in the film was previously injured in a climbing accident and recently becomes paralyzed, needing a $250,000 out-of-pocket surgery. Logically, the 12-year-old must steal the six figures from her mom’s bank and it’s obvious Stewart pulled on this experience for Charlie’s Angels remake. It’s an ode to the fact that we all need healthcare and to follow our dreams!!!! — Caitlin Cruz


I last watched this approximately eight years ago and don’t remember much aside from it being about sparkly horny immortal teens with good bone structure, but I do recall Stewart doing a convincing job of being a lovesick idiot. The soundtrack is also excellent, but unfortunately doesn’t include Radiohead’s 15 step from the closing credits. — Susan Rinkunas


Campy with an all-star cast (Ryan Reynolds, Kristin Wiig, Jesse Eisenberg, etc.), I’ve seen this movie about a hundred times. The soundtrack is moody and rife with ‘80s alternative jams while the plot evokes all the drama and intrigue you likely experienced while working at that shitty summer job as a teen. Equal parts hilarious and mildly devastating, Stewart embodies the mistakes we’re all wont to make in our early 20s, and it’s absolutely delicious. — Jenna Amatulli

Honorable mentions:

These four films combined could make up one good film. Alone they falter, together they stand.

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