Kristen Stewart Talks About Her Sexuality: 'Google Me, I'm Not Hiding'

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Wanna know which way Kristen Stewart is swinging these days? You have two options: 1.) Get over yourself and mind your own business, you dingus, or 2.) fucking Google it already.

Talking with Nylon, Stewart shed some light (albeit indirect light) on the constant speculation that surrounds her and her girlfriend Alicia Cargile:

[Stewart’s] character is changing, because, after all, she’s 25. Is she ready right now to make any big pronouncements about her sexuality?
“Google me, I’m not hiding.”
…And no: “If you feel like you really want to define yourself, and you have the ability to articulate those parameters and that in itself defines you, then do it. But I am an actress, man. I live in the fucking ambiguity of this life and I love it. I don’t feel like it would be true for me to be like, ‘I’m coming out!’ No, I do a job. Until I decide that I’m starting a foundation or that I have some perspective or opinion that other people should be receiving…I don’t. I’m just a kid making movies.”
That’s not all there is, though, to Stewart’s reluctance to categorize her sexuality. She also believes in fluidity, the kind that prompted Miley Cyrus to say to Paper magazine recently that she’s “literally open to every single thing that is consenting.”
Stewart adds, “I think in three or four years, there are going to be a whole lot more people who don’t think it’s necessary to figure out if you’re gay or straight. It’s like, just do your thing.”

Do your thing, Kristen. And while you’re at it, please get the Nylon makeup artist to share some tips on how to do that electric blue eye makeup.


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;);););) [People]

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