Kristen Stewart Unleashes Her Nipple In Hopes of Winning RPatz Back

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While its owner was presenting at the Hollywood Film Awards, Kristen Stewart‘s nipple—tired of being shuttered from the limelight—made a surprise appearance by slipping from its dress in front of an entire room of industry elite that included Stewart’s ex boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Run-of-the-mill accident or ABSOLUTELY BONKERS way for Stewart to win her old dude back?

Online gossip rags are claiming that Stewart orchestrated her own wardrobe malfunction with two goals in mind: to catch Pattinson’s attention and get some media buzz to help her career.

From Celeb Dirty Laundry:

Kristen Stewart’s nip slip at the Hollywood Film Awards was intentional and directed at Robert Pattinson and improving her career via a rebranding effort.
Now, some fans are speculating that Kristen Stewart orchestrated her nip slip for her beloved Robert Pattinson [hi Twi-hards], but most of the others are wondering whether she did it for a little media and industry traction. Even though she was supposedly getting Oscar buzz for her role in Still Alice, Kristen is still being passed over for most of the major roles in Hollywood, including several blockbusters and high-profile indie films.

Stewart, who has several movies coming out in the next year, is currently doing pretty well career-wise and—as much as the ‘bloids are claiming that she’s trying to break up Pattinson and his girlfriend FKA twigs—it’s hard to believe that a 24-year-old would be that caught up on a long-time ex.

That being said, if the rumors are true and she somehow manages to win over Pattinson and the entire film industry with one barely visible nip slip, well, then—Kristen and Kristen’s nipple are spectacularly talented and both deserving of Oscars.

[Celeb Dirty Laundry]

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