Lady Gaga Might Be 'Spending Time' With Jeremy Renner

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Weeks after convincing us all that her chemistry with Bradley Cooper was real and then insisting that it was fake, it would seem that there’s a new Lady Gaga will they/won’t they a-brewing, this time with Jeremy Renner?

Renner is most famous to me for starring in The Immigrant alongside Marion Cotillard and being a real asshole for the entirety of 2015. Here’s an old gossip item about him allegedly crashing some random people’s wedding. Remember when he called a female character in one of his films a slut? He’s also in some superhero and war movies that didn’t star Marion Cotillard and therefore escaped my notice. Anyway, a source tells People that he and Gaga are “spending time together.”

And what are they spending this time doing? People suggests they’re making beautiful music together. Renner recently wrote songs for an animated film called Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad, and Gaga also did some music last year for a low-profile indie that flew under most people’s radar.

Gaga recently split with fiancé Christian Carino, and while Renner is not the rebound I would have chosen, go on and get your collaboration where you want it, lady.


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