Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Speaks Out in First TV Interview Since the Attack

Speaking to Gayle King on CBS, Ryan Fischer says that the singer "helped me so much" following the violent dognapping.

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Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Speaks Out in First TV Interview Since the Attack

You know how some assholes shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker while he was walking her pups in Los Angeles then made off with two of them? Koji and Gustav have since been returned and are home safe, though. Don’t worry. Also, it all happened outside of Buck Angel’s house?? You don’t need these other details, I’m just trying to remind myself that those extraneous bits weren’t all part of a fever dream.

Anyway, after Ryan Fischer, the professional dog walker in question, famously set up a GoFundMe to cover various hospital bills, some people online criticized Gaga for appearing to financially abandon him. Well, Fischer said in a CBS Mornings interview with Gayle King on Friday that he personally chose to go the crowd-funding route. He also said that the singer, whom he considers a friend, has “helped me so much” by letting him stay at her house “for months,” flying his family out, and setting him up with trauma therapists. As always, the only villain here is the U.S. government for ensuring the conditions under which one could have “hospital bills” in the first place!

  • Evergreen sentiment: GRACE JONES LOOKS GREAT. [Hollywood Life]
  • Kim Whitley says Bobby Brown once bit her???? “He grabbed me and he went to my neck, and he bit it!” the actress says. “[I gushed] blood and everything. I don’t know if he thought he was a vampire.” [Page Six]
  • Looks like the tabloids are trying to frame Britney Spears’ fiancé, Sam Asghari, as some kind of gold digger? Like, here’s a video of some paps tracking down his ex, Mayra Veronica, asking her what she thinks of the engagement, and going wild over her saying “He hit the jackpot.” Never mind that Veronica then said “She hit the jackpot, too,” so she obviously wasn’t talking about Brit’s money…or at least not JUST the money… [TMZ]
  • Also, never mind the fact that Spears and Asghari are going to sign what the latter recently described as an “ironclad prenup,” so the whole question is moot! [Variety]
  • “My first real love experience relationship was with someone when I was a teenager who was really unhappy with himself…and very much kept [being gay] a secret,” Ben Platt, the incredibly not-teenage star of the upcoming Dear Evan Hansen film adaptation, says. “And by proxy, I [had] to keep who I was a secret around his friends.” Happy ending! He’s currently dating Noah Galvin, who you might know from ABC’s short-lived The Real O’Neals. [Out]
  • Remember Eddie Deezen? The actor who played Eugene Felsnic in 1978’s Grease? He was arrested in Maryland on Thursday after causing a scene and throwing shit at a Maryland restaurant on Thursday. [NBC News]
  • I don’t know why this video of Ariana Grande and Kelly Clarkson covering Aretha Franklin’s “Respect” on this upcoming season of The Voice is already on YouTube since the season hasn’t even premiered yet, but watch it before it gets removed due to copyright or something:

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