Ladymags Totally Loving This Navajo 'Trend'


Urban Outfitters may have changed the names of their non-Navajo-made “Navajo” products, but in the October issues, Navajo is still super cool.

In the October issue of Lucky, a caption reads, “Pixelated and magnified, a Najavo print becomes infinitely more modern.” Infinitely! There is literally no limit to how modern these pants are now. We are to infer that a “Navajo”-type print is old, from the distant past and super primitive, and pixelating it brings it up to date. But since the Navajo Nation does indeed exist in the here and now, the description is just undermining and demeaning. Just as a reminder, folks: “Navajo” isn’t an aesthetic- it’s a legal entity, a tribe of people, and an actual nation.

The October issue of Cosmopolitan also features some Southwestern-style fashion. Here the caption reads:

On those crisp weekends spent relaxing with your guy, you’ll want to live in fall’s laid-back-luxe Navajo trend…

The unemployment rate in the Navajo Nation is around 42%; the median family income is $22,392; and 43% of its residents live below the poverty rate. Not very luxe.

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