Lauren Hutton: Fashion's Dominated By Men "Pissed Off That They're Not Women"


In a cover interview with Net-A-Porter’s magazine, the iconic model and actress Lauren Hutton, perhaps best known for playing Richard Gere’s adulterous employer-turned-pro bono love interest in American Gigolo (nobody else actually saw that? K), has some Opinions About The Fashion Industry that might raise your eyebrows. Or, if you don’t have eyebrows, the place where your eyebrows would be.

“A lot of the time, fashion is angry. It’s fucked up motherfuckers. Guys pissed off that they’re not women. But that’s why you have to use fashion to do what you want—and not be bossed around by it.”

Hutton, who says she was naturally slim in her modeling days thinks that the demand for extreme weight loss has gotten “crazier and crazier.” (Hard to disagree, though I suspect this kind of shit has gone on forever but was just discussed less openly.)

“The girls are anorexic. Before, the girls were naturally slim. Girls who were round and fulsome didn’t starve themselves into the right…physique.”
“Kate [Moss], whom I knew when she was 14, was always being made fun of by the other models. They were jealous, but I was the tiger queen, so I could crack the whip over them. When we did the Millennium Vogue cover with all the other models, Annie Leibovitz put me right in the middle of them, and when I heard the catty remarks at Kate, I used my mouth like a bull whip.”

Tiger queen. I must remember that. And on “having it all” (ugh):

“I hate that phrase. The worst thing is that I think I might have had something to do with its invention. I was 30 on the cover of People and there it was in the headline. A little chill went up my back: there’s no such thing, and to tell women there might be is bad. Anything that creates pressure on women is bad.”

‘Cover Story: Lauren Hutton’ [ via Racked]

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