Lauryn Hill Gets Three Months in Jail for Tax Evasion

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After pleading guilty to tax evasion, Lauryn Hill was sentenced to three months in prison and an additional three months of “home confinement” today. As you might recall, the singer said she deliberately didn’t report more than $1.5 million in income, because she was “opposed to the system.”

It’s not clear when Hill will report to prison, or where she’ll serve her sentence, though she was facing a maximum penalty of three years behind bars — one for each year she failed to pay taxes. She was also accused by in native New Jersey of failing to pay more than $446,000 in state taxes, though her attorney confirmed to the AP that Hill had already paid more than $970,000 to satisfy her federal and state tax liabilities.
During a statement to the judge that the AP described as “forceful,” Hill said she had always meant to eventually pay the taxes, but was unable to do so because she took a lengthy hiatus from the music industry. She had recently inked a reported $1 million deal with Sony, and on Saturday, she released “Neurotic Society,” her first piece of new music in nearly three years … though, she made it very clear that she was doing so only because her hand was forced.

In “I’ll Just Leave This Here” news, Lindsay Lohan continues to just be hanging around electronics stores smoking cigarettes. [TMZ]

Apparently Kris Humphries got super wasted the night before the big game and everyone is mad and stuff.

…the Brooklyn Nets player threw caution to the wind on Friday, May 3, partying into the late hours of the night despite having to be ready to go for Game 7 against the Chicago Bulls the next day.

According to a source, the towering athlete was “out late” at NYC hotspot Beauty & Essex on Friday evening, arriving around 9 p.m. and leaving past 1 in the morning.

Humphries, 28, was at the venue to celebrate his older model sister Kaela‘s 30th birthday and didn’t hold back as he “fist pumped a little bit” and showed off a few dance moves, the source added.
“Kris was drinking champagne and stayed late. He was a jerk to everyone,” another eyewitness told Us.

Eh. [Us]

NeNe Leakes is talking some shit about Brandi Glanville.

“Brandi’s just a train wreck. Just a wreck. Just a wreck,” she said to host Andy Cohen(excerpted by Us Weekly). “She’s just off the chain, she’s off the hook [with] a lot of the things that she has to say, just so talkative.”
…”Vicki is the boss, Ramona is the boss, I’m the boss,” the outspoken star said of the business savvy women. “All of us are original housewives and we have a work ethic that is very different than the new girls that come on the show. All of us work our [asses] off.”

[Something about Tony Danza.] [E!]

Valerie Harper says she’s “feeling well” during her treatment for terminal brain cancer.

The veteran actress told E! News that despite her recent terminal cancer diagnosis, she’s “had no symptoms” and “feeling well.”
“I saw my doctors yesterday and they are pleased,” she explained. “I’m not out of the woods, the diagnosis is the same, but I’m feeling well and I’m functioning or I wouldn’t come! I wouldn’t endanger myself.”
Harper made sure to follow her doctor’s orders during last week’s festivities.
“He said, ‘take your pills and have a good time,'” she said. So what’s been the TV icon’s attitude since announcing in March that she was stricken with cancer?
“You just try actively to extend your time,” she told us.
“I’m ready for goodbye…or hello.”

BRB, I think I have something in my eye. (It’s tears.) [E!]

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  • Posh and Becks took the kids to Paris and of course were hella fucking fierce about it. [E!]
  • Ali Fedotowsky Is Dating Kevin Manno,” so, if you know what any of those words mean you may officially go nuts. [People]
  • Dude, I motherfucking love Mama June. [ONTD]
  • Sun’s out. Dance time.

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