LED Fronts Give You A Really, Really Bright Smile


No one tell Kanye West: Gold fronts are out. Diamond teeth? So 2010. Hot for 2011: Electronic grins.

The New York Times reports that fronts made from multicolored glowing LED lights:

…were originally created as an experiment by two Japanese designers and are now being used in a commercial advertising a winter sale at a Japanese clothing store, Laforet Harajuku. They are quickly becoming a sought after accessory.

In Tokyo, that is. But perhaps it’s only just a matter of time before Ke$ha has one. Also, this one time, I was at a New Year’s Eve party where someone had glowsticks, and we all got drunk and put them in our mouths and pretended to be “ravers” from the mid-’90s. So I don’t know how “new” this is. Looks cool, though!

New Japanese Fashion: LED Lights for Your Teeth [NY Times]

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