Leighton Meester Sent Money Home For Her Sick Brother & Her Mom Used It For Plastic Surgery

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Leighton Meester‘s life is ripe for a mini series. In fact, Leighton’s real-life drama is better than the crap on Gossip Girl. Today we learn that Leighton is suing her mother. She claims her mom got plastic surgery, Botox and hair extensions with money Leighton sent home for her sick little brother. As you may know, when Leighton was born, her mother was serving a federal prison sentence for her involvement in a drug ring. Putting the fun in dysfunctional. [NYDN, TMZ]

Lady Gaga is taking Rogaine and it is news. [Contact Music]

Khloe Kardashian made sure sister Kim Kardashian had a penis cake at her bachelorette party in Vegas on Saturday night. “My sisters are doing everything they can to embarrass me,” Kim said at the party. Then Kim went and crashed her fiancé’s bachelor party. Tsk, tsk. [People]

Amy Winehouse‘s father reportedly told a friend: “How did my little girl die? I won’t rest until I find out.” [Showbiz Spy]
Amy Winehouse‘s mom and dad were at her house early this morning. Mitch Winehouse greeted fans and thanked them for being there. [Radar]
Will recently-recorded Amy Winehouse songs be released posthumously? Apparently there is “a lot of material.” [Contact Music]
Amy Winehouse saw a doctor 24 hours before she died; he had no concerns. [Contact Music]
M.I.A. has posted a song on Soundcloud called “27,” with the lyrics: “All rock stars go to heaven, you said you’ll be dead at 27/I took you to the clinic to get you clean but you couldn’t/Said in 2 ur 27 an ur destiny was comin.” Apparently she had recorded the track a while back but never released it, but did so on Saturday night with the message, “RIP Amy.” [NYDN]
Amy Winehouse‘s Back To Black album is No. 1 on iTunes. [The Hollywood Reporter]
Amy Winehouse‘s goddaughter Dionne Bromfield sings The Official Olympic Torch relay song. [The Life Files]
Blake Fielder- Civil‘s mother is worried about Blake, who is Amy Winehouse‘s ex-husband. “Blake will kill himself. He won’t make it without her. He will be devastated, totally and utterly devastated. He’ll go straight back to self-harming. I’ll have to ring the prison and he’ll have to be put on watch.” [The London Evening Standard]

  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who has been in rehab five times, was seen “off his face” drunk at a pub in Brixton. [The London Evening Standard]
  • Perhaps she’s leaving crappy romantic comedies behind: Katherine Heigl has invested in condos in Sherman Oaks. [Express]
  • Blake and Leo: Still on! Seen shopping for sunglasses! [People]
  • Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 42nd birthday in Miami on Saturday night with a huge meal at the Fontainebleu hotel. She was with her mother, sister, manager and stylist, and according to a source who may have been one of the aforementioned folks, J.Lo looked “radiant.” [People]
  • Did you hear the one about the time 33-year-old Dominic Cooper tried to seduce 65-year-old Helen Mirren? “She didn’t fancy me at all,” he sighs. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Dawn Holland, the former Betty Ford employee who was in some sort of scuffle with Lindsay Lohan last year, is claiming that during the 8-10 seconds when LL pulled her wrist, she was injured and needs surgery. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay Lohan allegedly went out partying and “could barely stand” after drinking lemon drop shots and vodka. [Radar Online]
  • Kristin Cavallari, who had been planning her dream wedding, has been dumped. [People]
  • Christopher Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold and Maria, remains in the ICU following a boogie board accident. He has a collapsed lung, broken bones and broken ribs. [People]
  • Charlie Day‘s wife is expecting. [People]
  • Move over, Harry Potter: Captain America is now the number one movie in the country. [CBS]
  • Pablo Dylan, grandson of Bob, has released his first “hip-hop mixtape.” [The Sun]
  • “We actually need to devise a better system, because night to night it’s pretty fucking shaky. There are certain nights when I’m like, ‘Wow, what the fuck?'” — Kid Rock needs better strippers. [Contact Music]
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