Lena Dunham's Short Film-Commercial for Rachel Antonoff Is Pretty Cute


Fashion trailers can be tiresome and cliched (and ripe for parody as demonstrated hilariously by Lizzy Caplan with “Fashion Film”). But Lena Dunham has bucked the trend of aspirational mishegoss with her short film “Best Friends” for Rachel Antonoff’s Fall 2013 line. Reminiscent of old school educational nature videos, it observes the behaviors and movements of a pair of (well-dressed) women as a narrator (Girls‘ star Adam Driver) explains the phenomenon of the closeness of female friendships. (“They find the same things interesting,” he says as one friend points to something in a magazine and says, “That’s interesting,” while her friend agrees.) The tone is a little Wes Anderson-y in the friends’ formalness set to twee music. It’s kind of weird, but mostly cute.

Lena Dunham for Rachel Antonoff / Best Friends Fall 2013 [YouTube]

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