Let Ryan Gosling Whisper Sweet Nothings Into Your Ears


If you’ve ever wanted a tiny rendering of Ryan Gosling’s handsome visage softly breathing into your head hole “‘Hey Girl”, your earwax is looking extra sexily sticky today,” these are the earrings for you!

From Fred Flare, of course, these baby goslings can be yours for a mere $16. Is that mere when it comes to earrings the size of thumbtacks? I do not know.

I have a deep and abiding love for Fred Flare, as I put on a fundraiser for Rocket Dog Rescue in 2005 and they totally donated a $100 gift certificate, no questions asked. We made $150 on it in the silent auction and we purchased a pair of Doggles and other necessities for a blind dog. In conclusion, buy everything from Fred Flare always.

[Fred Flare]

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