Let This Newborn Sloth Help You Forget About The State of US Politics


Our potential Republican presidential candidates are basically all anthropomorphic dumpster fires but it doesn’t matter for just this moment because a two-toed sloth was born and you need to look at it.

The sloth was born to mother Hershey, 21, and father Carlos, 32, at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo and it is so tiny and so lovely. Its sex hasn’t been determined yet because it is snuggling 24/7 with its mom.

The AP reports:

Curator Diane Mulkerin says the infant appears healthy and has passed critical milestones such as nursing regularly and clinging well to its mother.
Hoffman’s two-toed sloths have large hooked claws that help the nocturnal species hang from treetops in the canopies of tropical rainforests in Central and South America.
The zoo says the family is on exhibit at the Regenstein Small Mammal-Reptile House and is most active later in the day.

The zoo will name the little nugget, who is the first offspring of the pair, when it figures out its sex in a few months.

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