Let's Take a Moment to Look at Princess Eugenie's Pinterest 


Due to the upswing in royal family media coverage (thanks, Meghan!) suddenly peripheral members of the crew are now characters in the news. This is truest of all for Princess Eugenie, who apparently has a Pinterest that we can investigate to get a deeper acquaintance with this latest addition to our feeds.

Eugenie’s Pinterest—which is, admittedly, a couple of years old—came to our attention via the news of her wedding, which is getting more coverage than it might otherwise thanks to its proximity and shameless similarity to that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (Royals have family drama just like everybody else, but on steroids.) (Personally, I would have eloped.)

The Sun resorted to combing through “Eugenie’s Guide to London,” one of her boards, for hints about the event details. Is the public truly so desperate for these details, or are reporters just truly desperate for something to write about besides the world being on fire? Either way! They note that she posted a picture of the Petersham Nurseries, with the comment, “Love the Petersham Nursery in London as a wedding destination xx,” and turned this into an article by aggregating every detail about the joint, including its menu. I can only grudgingly salute this level of traffic thirst.

But now that we’ve opened this portal, let’s do some exploring, shall we?

The account is entertainingly basic. Royals—they’re just like those girls at Ole Miss who get their dorms professionally decorated! But with much more exposure to the high-end contemporary art scene. A director at the gallery Hauser & Wirth, Eugenie’s got a board full of pictures of artists in their studios, as well as one full of quotes by artists, which is so generic Instagram that I’m genuinely delighted. This prompts me to imagine a cross-over event where Joanna Gaines makes Eugenie a giant wrought-iron kitchen sign hollering LIVE LAUGH LOVE.

She also has a board called “Foodie Art,” described thusly: “Life’s two greatest joys: Food & Art.” She’s at least half right! Also, I would bet serious money that she’s either been to the Museum of Ice Cream, or desperately wants to go.

Maybe the funniest moment in the entire account is when she pinned a photo of the Albert Memorial, which is, of course, a giant, phallic monument by her great-great-great-great grandmother to her great-great-great-great grandfather. Okay, so maybe they’re not just like us.

Of course, this is a carefully curated public Pinterest, crafted with an eye to Eugenie’s image, walking the strange York path of being a royal sorta-celeb but not technically a “working” royal who does official engagements. However! Eugenie told British Vogue that one of the ways she was preparing for her wedding was making Pinterest boards of wedding cakes. However, there are no wedding cakes on her public account; she hasn’t even pinned anything in a year. I also suspect some internet influence in the day-two plans for Saturday, which the Times says will incorporate “dodgems and funfair rides, coconut shies, lots of food stalls, loads of cocktails, bloody Marys for the hangovers and a festival vibe.”

Can we presume that Eugenie has a private Pinterest somewhere that is a truer expression of her personality and a more typical mix of grand plans and cozy true desires, full of elaborate floral decor too outré for the Windsors, relaxing rooms that she’ll never bother to actually create, heavy dip recipes, and utterly deranged arts and crafts projects? Frankly, that would endear her to the public more thoroughly than this overblown wedding with its associated security costs to British taxpayers.

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