Let's Talk Halloween Candy: What Are You Giving Out This Year?


Or, perhaps more appropriately, what are you binging on this year? It’s the holidays, let’s all cut loose! I ordered a bunch of organic, vegan, fair-trade candy online but because it’s so freaking expensive, I could only get like five lollipops and a candy bar. Those are gone already, I think a ghost got them. Anyway, I might order more because yay candy that isn’t awful for the Earth/our stomachs/people, or I might just supplement with some Smarties and Nerds. I’ve got a very delicious decision to make!

Also, what’s your favorite Halloween candy memory*? Mine is having my mom eat all my Milky Way miniatures, because she said she had to check them for poison. I bought that lie until like the 4th grade — what a sucker!

*sorry, I really love Halloween candy, I’m the only person who doesn’t get annoyed when Walgreens puts the good stuff out in July.

Image via Brent Hofacker/ Shutterstock.

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