Like a Man on a Mission, The-Dream Releases Another Porn-y Video


Remember when The-Dream really made your week and released the very NSFW video for his single “Pussy”? That incident was not a one-time only deal. The story continues with this week’s “Equestrian” which is not about horses.

“Equestrian,” in case you have to bookmark this hot watch for later, takes place in yet another very nice apartment/hotel room. It features a Cassie lookalike in white lingerie slowly rubbing herself against a woman who bears a mild resemblance to Adrienne Bailon in black lingerie, the way some men and much of the porn industry seem to think lesbians have sex. The pair grab each others pearls (not a euphemism). Some close-ups of tan lines are included. Later, the two women change up their limited clothing and engage in some light booty shaking, before doing a little ass slapping and mimicking of doggy style sex.

At no point does a horse enter the picture (thank goodness). The lyrics of the song are surprisingly about having sexual intercourse: “I like it when you put them boots on and get up here and ride” or “Grab on, jump up, on this saddle/Now pop that, bring that back, get on it” or just “Gitty up, gitty up, gitty up, gitty up yeah” all set to a beat that sounds like it could have come off a more upbeat version of The Weeknd’s first album, though they’re not working together (yet).

The-Dream previously promoed his track “High Art” with Jay-Z in a similar, though ever so slightly more tame video than both “Pussy” and “Equestrian”, which makes one wonder if this is part of an evolving story arc. Maybe something about how women in beautiful but nondescript hotel rooms around the world are so captivated by his music that they become entranced to all behave in exactly the same way. In fact, the only video from IV Play that hasn’t been slightly or totally NSFW was the one for the song of the same name, which displays the same appreciation for the female ass but with less um, rubbing?

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