Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow—Two Very Hot Men—Please Kiss

The "INDUSTRY BABY" singers took the Grammys stage and had us thinking some... things.

Lil Nas X and Jack Harlow—Two Very Hot Men—Please Kiss
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Lil Nas X really got the party started at the 64th Grammy Awards with an intergalactic medley of his hits and a guest appearance by his apparent best friend and co-collaborator: noted white rapper and the internet’s current boyfriend of the hour, Jack Harlow. The medley included sexy performances of “Dead Right Now,” “Montero,” and, of course, “INDUSTRY BABY, which features Harlow.

I know, I know, what more could we possibly ask for after they gave us that? Well, we have but one more simple request for the duo: Kiss!!!

To briefly backtrack, we must note that “INDUSTRY BABY” is more than just a mere collaboration between two of the biggest artists in the world right now. It marks the beginning of a lovely and, unsurprisingly, thirst-inspiring friendship. A friendship that has many, many people desperate to see these two beauties touch lips.

You may wonder why I say “unsurprisingly.” It’s simple, really. Lil Nas X is a very obviously sexy man-slash-seducer-of-demons. And, although Harlow’s sexiness is much less obvious and requires a bit more digging, it’s very much there.

Harlow, who shot to fame after his breakout track “Whats Poppin” in 2020, has become something of a social media sensation with a massive and primarily female fan base. If you’re as puzzled about this as I once was, allow me to explain. At first glance, Harlow’s appeal might not be particularly obvious: There’s something aggressively generic, even mediocre about him. Then you hear him speak in his soft Southern drawl. You hear the poetry that comes out of his mouth (case in point: “I am poetic,” Harlow told Rolling Stone last month, “but I want some ass.”) You come to appreciate that unkempt mop of curly, brown hair. You find yourself endeared that, unlike other rappers, he fully embraces that many of his fans are horny tween and teen girls.

And, relevant to his Grammys performance with Lil Nas X, you certainly appreciate what a wonderful friend Harlow seems to be. Even before their performance, on the red carpet, Harlow had only the most glowing things to say about his pal and what Lil Nas represents by owning his queer identity.

“He’s trailblazing a path that, you know, it’s sad that it has to be trailblazed,” Harlow told Laverne Cox and E-News. “But I think it’s amazing. He’s innovating the game—and it’s fresh, it’s powerful and it’s necessary.”

Photo:Getty (Getty Images)

Harlow also expressed that he owed Lil Nas “a lot for this moment” at the Grammys by including him in his performance. He subsequently had some choice words for Lil Nas X’s homophobic haters, seemingly calling out the frequent Fox News moral panic segments his friend has inspired: “Wake the f—k up. What the fuck’s wrong with you? It’s ridiculous.” Also, while on the red carpet, he summoned Lil Nas to come pose with him.

The rest of the evening, the two appeared to be practically stitched at the hip, smiling, laughing and clapping at times when the camera panned to them.

So, to the many women of the internet who would do anything to breathe on Harlow: I get it. Whether others are willing to admit it or not, I think on some level we all get it. Yes, the bar for mediocre white men to be considered hot is literally on the floor. They apparently do not even need to be particularly stylish dressers. That said, I think Harlow very much reaches that bar.

After last week’s awards show forced us to see one very wealthy man slap another in the face, what we really need to heal is to watch two very wealthy and also very hot men kiss. Lil Nas, Jack Harlow—you know what to do!

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