Lindsay Lohan Accepts About A Million Bucks To Pose For Playboy

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Lindsay Lohan‘s career has taken a turn for the inevitable now she’s agreed to grace the pages of Playboy. Apparently the deal has been in the works for months after Hugh Hefner offered her $750,000 and she came back asking for a cool million. Though she didn’t get quite so much, those hard-working source types say it got close. “I can neither confirm or deny at this time,” says her rep of the talk. Which we all know roughly translates to: “It’s on, y’all!” Heavy traffic for her New York mag nude shoot crashed the publication’s site back in 2008, though it remains to be seen whether the public are all nippled out a few years on. [TMZ]

Mark your diaries, today is the day everything you knew about the celebrity pecking order came crashing down as Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and Connor Cruise make their debut as the Hollywood Brat Pack 3.0. Hanging out together at Universal Studio’s Halloween Horror Nights, the trio were said to be “totally scared”, though not as much as we are at the prospect of our quickly fading youth. [Ministry Of Gossip]

Strengthening their bid for total world domination, Janes of all trades
The Kardashians have filed documents with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to release towels, candlesticks and beer mugs emblazoned with their seriously made-up faces. Wake me when they extend the line to include toilet paper, douches and kitty litter. [TMZ]

Even Robert Pattinson‘s detractors will be on Team Edward when they hear he played an important role in building a school for girls in Cambodia. Basically, a year ago a Chicago family paid $80,000 for meet-and-greet – which would otherwise be ludicrous – and the money went to GO Campaign who, in turn, gave it to PAGE, an organization that helps educate teen girls in the country. Move over Oprah! [E!]

  • Jennifer Lopez says her recent onstage freak-out was due to her mother and not wheeling out guys that reminded her of past failed relationships. [NYDN]
  • Demi Moore spotted with Ashton Kutcher on the set of Two And A Half Morons, stayed tuned for headlines of their “crisis talks” in tomorrow’s Midweek Madness. [NYDN]
  • James Franco flaunts his magnificent ass for, well, Flaunt. NSFW-ish. [Vulture]
  • Who fame whored it better? Half of Hollywood – the bottom half – are running around in the Bot bodysuit by feminist think tank Svedka Vodka. [E!]
  • Once again, 2 Broke Girls taken to task for “lame” racism. As opposed to scintillating racism? [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Chris Martin says he used to have a boner for Take That. U2‘s Larry Mullen Jr. takes the opportunity to score cheap, homophobic laugh. [Sun]
  • Emily Blunt‘s sister is engaged to her The Devil Wears Prada co-star Stanley Tucci. [WENN]
  • Joss Whedon has been kicking it old-school after revealing he’s finished principal photography on his take of Much Ado About Nothing. [E!]
  • Reporter shocked to find that “movie-star mom Naomi Watts, amazingly, takes on both of these roles in a single day“, and doesn’t lock kids in a cupboard before heading to work. [E!]
  • Former Top Chef contestant Morgan Wilson is busting for peddling child porn. [People]
  • Tara Reid says her marriage was a fraud, blah, blah, blah … More importantly, do you think it’s the camerawork or is girlfriend crazy-ass drunk? [TMZ]
  • Matt Damon is now in an open bromance with Ben Affleck, inviting John Krasinski into the fold. [Page Six]
  • Because women must be pitted against each other no matter what they do, did Demi Lovato do a better version of “The Star-Spangled Banner” than Zooey Deschanel? [E!]
  • Adorbs! Mariska Hargitay and her daughter don their Halloween costumes. [People]
  • Robin Williams, working a fetching hermit look, marries in Napa Valley. [NYDN]
  • Though the headline “breast cancer advocate” sends mixed messages, it’s great to see everyone getting behind Giuliana Rancic as she returns to work. [E!]
  • Totally respectable plastic surgeon waxes lyrical about the work non-client Megan Fox may or may not have had done. [Radar]
  • The prosecution rests! In the Conrad Murray trial. [Billboard]
  • Whoopsie daisy, Amy Winehouse‘s death report was sent to a complete stranger. [E!]
  • Kevin Bacon sees Footloose remake and doesn’t leave the cinema in tearful hysterics. [Radar]
  • Frankie Muniz is engaged. How did he get to be 25 without us noticing? [People]
  • Glee‘s Harry Shum Jr. takes his pants off for GQ. [Ministry Of Gossip]
  • Wait, so neither the earth nor his career imploded when Zachary Quinto outed himself? Whatever you say, Hollyweird! [E!]
  • Linking to photos of Julianne Moore for no reason other than the fact she’s awesome, here is Freckleface Strawberry riding a scooter around New York. [Daily Mail]
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