Lindsay Lohan Takes Her Squandered Talent To Jail For 30 Days


Depressing substance-addled celebrity Lindsay Lohan has been ordered by a judge to spend 30 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation. Those in the know say that she’s probably more likely to serve about 6 days.

In addition to throwing the book (well, more like calendar) at Lohan, the judge has ordered the girl who used to have red hair and who used to be in movies to follow a strict schedule for the completion of her probation’s counseling and community service. She’s to fulfill all of her community service requirements at the LA County Morgue, complete a prescribed number of psychotherapy sessions, and finish it all by March 29, or she will be ordered to return to jail for 270 days.

Lindsay’s also been ordered to stop Tweeting about her adventures at the morgue.

Lohan violated her probation this time by failing to show up for required counseling and getting kicked out of the women’s center where she was supposed to perform community service.

She reportedly breathed a sigh of relief upon exiting the court room. On a severity scale of one to ten, this punishment is much closer to a SEVIN than a NYNE.

Lindsay Lohan— 30 Days in Jail [TMZ]

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