Lindsay Lohan Transferred From Betty Ford For Being Hella Disruptive

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Buenos días! Lindsay Lohan got transferred from the Betty Ford clinic to a different rehab center in Malibu for being “disruptive” and “making life hell for those around her,” because she learned nothing from Georgia Rule’s tough but loving fictional matriarch (Wallace Shawn).

“Lindsay skipped group therapy, she refused to go for several days. She thought people were giving out information on her. That was her excuse. Lindsay was demanding her Adderall, which she was not given. But she kept demanding it and was highly disruptive. Betty Ford is thrilled to see her go.”

I love that LiLo is SURE that people are measuring the length of her hair while she sleeps and calling InTouch instead of, oh, I don’t know, being sort of preoccupied with detoxing from heroin? Like, did she not see Ray? [Radar Online]

Don’t compare Farrah Abraham to that ingrate Kim Kardashian, says Farrah Abraham.

“I have books and other things going on in my life that outshine Kim Kardashian. I feel I just outshine her when it comes to both our personal and professional lives. That’s why I don’t like being compared to her. I don’t for see myself getting married more than once. I don’t see myself making the same choices that she has made. Good or bad, I just feel I’m going to be a smarter person.”

Boom boom boom, now let me hear you say wayo. WAYYOOOO. [Radar Online]

K8 Middy is considering hypnotherapy during the Royal Baby-Pushing. Wouldn’t it be funny if the hypnotist was like “You’re feeling no pain, you’re in the calm ocean… and also, every time someone says the word ‘pickle,’ you’re going to jump on the table.” Or some other hijinx like that. I smell a summer blockbuster!! [NYDN]

Kristen Stewart feels “down” and “betrayed” over Katy Perry’s continued friendship with Robert Sparklefangs. She is now giving her onetime close friend Perry the silent treatment. “Kristen is in a certain state of denial. She can’t let go of Rob or get over him,” the insider added. “She keeps trying to contact Robert and find out what he is doing but her attempts to see Rob have been rebuffed. Rob is not responding to her.”

You can’t compete with a woman who sees a penis (sorry I mean peacock) and says “You’ve got the finest architecture / End-of-the-rainbow-looking treasure / I just shed a tear / I am so unprepared.” I usually just tap it and am like “Is this thing on? Ahahahahah so are you my boyfriend.” [NYDN]

  • Flava Flav’s chicken joint will soon be no more. Taps for the prince of tides. [TMZ]
  • Tan Mom went to the airport fucked up and had to go to detox. [TMZ]
  • Mumford and Sons bassist Ted Dwane is recovering from successful brain surgery. [People]
  • Real Housewife Joanna Krupa got married. [People]
  • Spoiler alert: Taylor Swift is looking for a good man. [People]
  • Ah! Ginnifer Goodwin as Jackie O. in the upcoming Killing Kennedy. [Us Weekly]
  • Look out B, Taylor Momsen has signed with Next Modeling Management. XOXO, Gossip Crone. [Us Weekly]
  • Keira Knightley and Chloe Grace Moretz are not banging in their new movie. Jesus. Creeps. [Page Six]
  • Ryan Seacrest is a man (asexual? with a starfish-like reproductive system?) on the prowl. [Page Six]
  • Oh my God, did you guys read this Elaine Stritch interview? ;____; [Vanity Fair]
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