Lip Sync Battle Should Not Be a Show


By now you may have heard about a new show on the Spike called Lip Sync Battle, where celebrities pretend they’re singing along to songs in sort of bogus competition. While there are a great many programs airing on television that probably shouldn’t be, let’s take a moment to cover why this one specifically needs to be called out.

Use of props

The inclusion of props in Lip Sync Battle make the show (which started as a late night sketch segment on Jimmy Fallon) more over-the-top but actually less funny. Anyone can do an impressive performance with a literal wrecking ball and the appropriate costuming. It’s much more interesting and funny to watch people try their hardest to appropriately channel the vibe of a song when they’re wearing regular people clothing than when they’re Anne Hathaway with an unlimited budget to spend on hot pants.


Obviously, despite the decades-long popularity of America’s Funniest Home Videos, the likelihood that people will watch Lip Sync Battle is dramatically increased with the presence of celebrities. But don’t we have enough shows about celebrities just being their normal selves? Like that new one Repeat After Me or Hollywood Game Night, two programs I’ve seen advertised but just had to look up the names of. What is this new genre of Stars! They’re just like us! television. Who asked for this? Just make some movies and stop trying to be “normal” aka “cute” for me.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J appears to be the go-to host for awards shows these days, with his inoffensiveness and his aw-shucks personality. I’m not buying it. The dude should stick to doing things that he does well and leave anything less than that at the door.

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