Little Girl Watches Russian Cartoon Dubbed With Actual Porn

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is a Russian cartoon that was inexplicably dubbed with Sasha Grey’s moans. And here is a horrified child watching it. Welcome to Russia! Please enjoy your stay.

For those of us wondering whether this is fake, and it might be, I would like to allay some skepticism: Having come from Russia, I will point out that the genera public may not be as cognizant of pop culture or Sasha Grey as much as they could be. Therefore, it is conceivable to me that some recording engineer thought “hey, I need climbing noises. I’m just going to sneak in some porn and be done with it. It worked for artists in Disney movies!” Subversive! Hilarious! Potentially Traumatizing (TM). But wait, not traumatizing at all, considering that there is a Russian children’s movie about kids literally fighting the black plague personified as a woman (and some of the kids die). Or the fact that when I was a child, I was told fairy tales about people dying and invited to read stories of the war. Russian children can take it. A few moans here and there? You’re going to have to do better than that, WINX CLUB! (Man, WINX CLUB is an awesome show.)

And even if it is fake, then the question remains why the child is watching with such intensity. What is going on that has them so perplexed? Speaking of Russian porn (sorry, it’s Thanksgiving and I am getting off topic), one time my childhood friend Jukey borrowed a video from a friend and the video turned out to have porn on it and her Russian grandma walked in on Jukey watching Russian porn and cmpletely lost it.

“How can real people do this?” Jukey’s Russian Grandma screamed. “How is this possible?” She yelled, ignoring the fact that she had a grandchild and should know exactly how real people do this. Jukey, by the way was not scarred for life. And this kid will be fine. And I am going to go put down my Thanksgiving pitcher of bud light now.

I just watched the video again. That’s totally real. Sorry, kid.

H/T: Reddit

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