Lonely Celebrities Unite for New Reality Show Famously Single


E! has picked up a reality show about single celebrities and everything that’s wrong with them, and you’re definitely going to watch because Brandi Glanville and Pauly D are involved.

On Famously Single, which will air in 2016, eight desperate celebrities will live and commiserate in a house in L.A. together while trying to figure out why they’re single. Sounds a little bit like Couples Therapy, but without the couples.

The cast of lonely people includes several familiar faces who’ve already been on reality shows—Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Brandi Glanville, Pauly D from Jersey Shore, Somaya Reece (Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood) and Josh Murray (Bachelorette). There’s also Jessica White (yes, the supermodel), football star Willis McGahee, Aubrey O’Day (who’s now one-half of Dumb Blondes with fellow ex-Danity Kane singer Shannon), and a Who named Calum Best.

Why oh why are all these people single! We’ll find out soon enough.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

By revealing the truth behind their public breakups and bad relationships, and with the help of a team of experts, the participants attempt to identify and solve their relationship issues once and for all.
Through a series of group exercises, one-on-one sessions and real dates, viewers will get an intimate look at the stars’ emotional journeys as they challenge each other and learn how to find love.

Relationship experts, including a therapist and “flirting expert,” will be on hand to help them out.

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