Lorde Eating the Spiciest Wing in Existence: ‘That’s a Nice Little Wing’

The singer, whose third album comes out later this month, kept her cool on a new episode of "Hot Ones."

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Lorde Eating the Spiciest Wing in Existence: ‘That’s a Nice Little Wing’

Now more than ever: Lorde???????????!!!!

The musician—whose third album, Solar Power, comes out next month—went on that sadistic YouTube interview show Hot Ones and kept her composure no matter how spicy the wings got, Pitchfork reports. And like…they got VERY spicy. As in over 100,000 Scoville units, spicy. Even host Sean Evans—who regularly sees his celebrity guests reduced to tears and runny noses, rendered preverbal by these spicy, spicy wings—seemed blown away, noting that he felt like he was just watching Lorde eat lunch.

“Mmmmm, tasty! It’s scotch bonnet. It’s fruity,” Lorde said, spotting the presence of the notoriously hot chili pepper as if she were noting a hint of thyme or marjoram. “That’s a nice little wing.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Lorde, who has an onion ring review Instagram account called @onionringsworldwide, explained what makes the perfect onion ring. According to her, it must be thick-cut with a “toothsome, vertical bite” and “crisp yet thick crust.” And if the onion doesn’t “break on the bite”? It “makes a mockery of the institution”!

Watch below.

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