L'Oréal Actually Didn't Airbrush Out Helen Mirren's Wrinkles


Last fall, our sweet angel Helen Mirren became the beauty ambassador of L’Oréal U.K., but someone called foul in regards to Mirren’s appearance on one of her ads for the cosmetic company. A complaint was filed with the U.K.’s Advertising Standards Authority, claiming Mirren’s gorgeous mug was due to airbrushing and not the Age Perfect moisturizer that the actress was promoting. In response to the accusation, L’Oréal whipped out four red carpet images that proved Mirren looked the same as the commercial in question. Boo-ya!

The ASA ruled that the ads were not some sort of fuckery, by analyzing Mirren’s facial wrinkles, reports Refinery29. “We noted that wrinkles were clearly visible on Ms. Mirren’s face in both ads, including across her forehead and around her mouth,” a statement from the ASA reads. “We considered that the recent press images of Ms. Mirren would have reflected a similar degree of professional styling and makeup as the images in the ads, without any post-production amendments, and that her appearance in the ads was comparable to those more candid images.”

Leave Dame Helen alone! And doesn’t she look incredible in that leather jacket?

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