Lorena Bobbitt, Of Dick Chopping Fame, Appears On Steve Harvey 


Welcome back, Lorena Bobbitt! The woman who, in 1993, took a kitchen knife to her husband’s tallywacker has at long last reentered the public sphere. Today she joined Steve Harvey on his show to discuss her life since the trial, her acquittal, and remarriage.

As Us Weekly recounts, Bobbitt, now 46, “[cut] off then-husband John Bobbitt’s penis following years of domestic abuse” and infidelity to boot. For better or for worse, doctors were able to reassemble John Bobbitt’s package, “and Lorena was ultimately acquitted for her actions, pleading temporary insanity.”

One would think that after such penile-located trauma, Mr. Bobbitt would make like Fleetwood Mac and go his own way. But as Lorena tells Harvey, John Bobbitt has attempted to make contact with her more than once over the years. She does not, however, reciprocate his desire to reconnect. “He tried, but I always deleted his number,” Lorena tells Harvey.

In the meantime, she lives in Virginia with her second husband, David Bellinger and her ten-year-old daughter, Olivia and is committed to charity work. She founded Lorena’s Red Wagon in order to help domestic abuse survivors and their children. Bobbitt explains during Harvey’s interview:

“It basically helps women and children through family-oriented activities…I can provide for them. When a victim leaves the house they don’t have time to pack. They just have the first opportunity to leave. If any child in the shelter has a birthday we bring cakes…I want to bring hope to women and children of domestic abuse, and that’s what we do.”

To think that a severed schlong could catalyze such good works! Bobbitt, poised and warm during the interview, seems to have emerged from a violent marital calamity in the best way possible. The largely female audience that honored her with a standing ovation emphasized their own support of her renaissance. That, my babies, is what I call a happy ending.

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