Love Is Alive But Also Disgusting

Love Is Alive But Also Disgusting

I’m a firm believer that all human beings deserve love and connection, except for Stephen Miller, who can eat shit forever. But sometimes, like today, that conviction is sorely tested. According to Vanity Fair, Fox News hosts Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt are boning, and have been boning for a long time now. Can you imagine their pillow talk? I can, and now, unfortunately, possibly you can as well.

From Vanity Fair:

Four current and former Fox News staffers told me that Hannity and Earhardt are dating—and have been for quite some time. Hannity and Earhardt aren’t acknowledging their relationship to colleagues, but two Hannity friends told me they have observed them together in social situations where they’ve acted like a couple. “I knew they were involved. I saw it when we were all together,” a Fox staffer told me. “It wasn’t even that hidden,” a Hannity friend said. According to the staffer, Earhardt has been hosting Fox & Friends during the coronavirus from a remote studio in the basement of Hannity’s Long Island mansion. Earhardt also uses Hannity’s lawyer as her television agent, two sources said.

Both Earhardt and Hannity recently divorced from their spouses, which certainly makes one wonder about the timing and nature of their relationship. (We’ve all had a rebound! No judgment!) Congrats to this terrible duo, who have at the very least, as the truism goes, found love in a hopeless place.

On Wednesday, Donald Trump sent out a rather alarmist tweet, if you can believe it. “Domestic Terrorists,” he wrote, “have taken over Seattle.” On Thursday, he clarified whom he was referring to—the “ugly Anarchists” that he wrote “must be stopped IMMEDIATELY.”

He was referring to the activists who have declared a few blocks of Seattle the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ, formed after protesters evicted the Seattle Police Department from their precinct in the neighborhood. (According to the citizens of the newly formed CHAZ, they’re hoping to turn the precinct into a community center.) And let’s take a look at what else, according to news reports at least, the “ugly Anarchists” Trump is referring to have done in recent days.

Here’s how the Stranger described the scene and the mood at the CHAZ:

Tuesday saw the growth of the No Cop Co-Op (which is currently looking for evening pizza donations, fyi) and an educational film program. On Wednesday, Mutual Aid Books populated a table with free books written by Black and Indigenous authors. Taking a cue from “the other Washington,” local painters slapped down primer on Pine Street for a Black Lives Matter mural. Local artists, according to a couple painters on the scene, will color in the letters tomorrow. Someone planted a garden in Cal Anderson. Others listened to speakers in the town square/outdoor cinema on 12th Ave.
In general, visitors and residents milled about, snacking on Dirty Dogs and casually knocking back White Claws.

Oh no, White Claw?!? Antifa is afoot!

And here’s what the Seattle Times found at the CHAZ:

By dusk Tuesday, a couple paced the autonomous zone’s 11th Avenue using trash-picking equipment they said they purchased for Burning Man. The streets smelled like the Fourth of July, as people seared hot dogs on curbside grills. “REGISTER TO VOTE HERE” read a poster at volunteer station.
At 11 p.m., former President Richard Nixon’s face beamed on a projector at the intersection of Pine and 12th Avenue, as a crowd of perhaps 200 gathered quietly to watch DuVernay’s film about racism and inequality, just steps from the precinct. The crowd remained calm and peaceful. About a dozen tents were pitched along streets near the intersection, nestled in for the night, and promising an interesting summer.

Registering to vote? Hot dogs??? Watching documentaries about racism????? Talking about how to turn a police building into a community center????????? The horror!!!

How do actual residents of Capitol Hill feel about the fact that the CHAZ is a cop-free zone? Here’s what one woman told the Seattle Times:

“It has been a constant of sirens and helicopter noises,” said Sophia Lee, who lives about a block from the East Precinct, adding that it was a “relief” that violence subsided and she could walk home without fear of retaliation from the police for protesting.
Tear gas had leaked into neighbors’ apartment units, Lee said, and one night, “my entire face was burning” on a walk.

Is Babe Lincoln the only good statue of a human man? I think, yes???

  • General Mark A. Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is very sorry that he gave off fascist vibes by appearing alongside Donald Trump during his photo op at St. John’s Episcopal church, describing it as a “mistake.” [Washington Post]
  • Because he is a whiny baby whose feelings get hurt very easily, Donald Trump is now retaliating against the International Criminal Court for doing its job. [NPR]
  • According to White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, Juneteenth is a “meaningful day” for Donald Trump, which is exactly the reason why he chose it to spew some racist bullshit. [CNN]
  • Mike Pence tweeted and then deleted a photo of him with a very large group of Trump campaign staffers at what looks like their office in Arlington, Virginia. Naturally, none of them were wearing masks. [CNN]
  • Joe Biden is very worried that Donald Trump will refuse to leave the White House if he loses and that his flaccid, naked body will have to be dragged out kicking and screaming by the military. [Los Angeles Times]
  • ????? Joe???????
  • As a palate cleanser, read about this incredible scam by Garrison Courtney, the former spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Agency, who cheated companies out of millions by pretending to be a covert operative for the CIA, fooling even officials from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. [Washington Post]
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