Lucky Charms Cereal Is Bad


Lucky Charms is one of the worst cereals around and the marshmallows taste like styrofoam.

And yet, it turns out, some of you people like it—specifically for the marshmallows. Citing popular demand, General Mills is offering 10 limited edition marshmallow only boxes of Lucky Charms to lucky consumers.

Lemme get this straight. They’re taking the cereal out of the cereal and selling a box of sugar. I guess this appeals to people who don’t know they can just eat a bag of actual marshmallows?

Lucky Charms is the worst. Its nutritional value is lacking. And its mascot is a drugged up leprechaun who claims this product is “magically delicious.” Okay, bud.

I won’t lie. As a child, I’d sit there begrudgingly eating my Lucky Charms and stare at the little green clovers in the bowl, feeling like I was part of something bigger than myself. Part of the world, you know?

Then I’d come on back down to reality.

Lucky Charms is almost as bad as Trix. It isn’t any good. So why do good people like it?

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Image via General Mills, YouTube

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