M.I.A. and the NFL Are Done Fighting


M.I.A.’s legal battle with the NFL over her performance at the Super Bowl in 2012 when she quite literally flipped it to the man has been settled.

Though the NFL loudly sued M.I.A. for the ungodly amount of $16.6 million in March, the final settlement is far quieter: M.I.A.’s lawyer told ESPN that the two acryonymed entities had resolved things, but would not say for how much. The NFL is currently asking artists to pay them to perform at this year’s Super Bowl, so let’s start wildly speculating and assume that they were the ones ended up paying M.I.A. the millions and are now totally broke. Yup. That sounds right.

A month ago, M.I.A. posted this to her Instagram without comment:

Image via Christopher Polk/Getty

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