Madame Tussauds Hires Tissue Attendants for Weepy One Direction Fans


If you’ve never been to Madame Tussauds, you probably don’t know that touching the statues is not only allowed but encouraged. But there’s one thing that’s not okay in the wax museum where you can pose next to Tupac in a funny hat ($14.95 for the picture) or sit behind Rosa Parks on a rumbling bus seat—and that’s crying on the statues.

While it doesn’t seem that the tears of anguish spilled by teens all over the world will actually melt the statues into goo, Madame Tussauds isn’t taking any chances. They’re bringing in 150 boxes of tissues to their London location and relegating some poor and unloved staff member to the job of walking around with a box of Kleenex and offering it to the distraught fans (while, likely, also questioning every life decision that has brought them to this point).

This is the second time in history that the museum has hired a tissue attendant. The first time, according to BuzzFeed, was when the statues of One Direction were unveiled and the tears were much more joyous. This time, there are less smiles and more wails, and Buzzfeed reports that there’s even a dude who plays Zayn in a tribute band hanging around the statues to either make fans feel better or just be hella creepy, because truly, he looks nothing like Zayn. But any port in a storm, right? I bet he’s getting numbers left and right.

No word on how long the 150 boxes of tissues will last, but the museum has announced that they won’t be breaking the boy band up like Zayn did any time soon.

Image via Getty

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