Madeleine Watches Gilmore Girls for the First Time

Monday November 3, 8:24 pm

Madeleine: I have done a 180 on Lorelai.

Kate: Yesss

What did it

Madeleine: The smooch with Luke!

Kate: YEs!

Madeleine: And her falling out with Rory over her adultery.

Kate: Yeah super interesting.

Let me know when you meet Logan.

Madeleine: He’s arrived but nothing has happened yet. I’m still repping naked Marty.

Kate: The ultimate nice dude

Madeleine: Still better than Dean.

Kate: Oh def.

But look at the fucking scarf he’s wearing

Madeleine: Lol

Cool Yale style

Kate: TBF Rory was wearing a terribly skinny scarf a few episodes ago but Marty has no excuse

Madeleine: From too little clothes to too many


Friday November 7, 8:55 pm

Madeleine: I miss Dave Rogowski [frowny face]

Saturday November 15, 6:51 pm

Madeleine: Rory is horrible

Kate: Season 5?

Madeleine: 6. The shit she pulls with Logan and Jess

Kate: Oh I sort of remember

Monday November 17, 8:24 pm

Madeleine: If Lorelai ends up with Christopher this whole show will be a waste of time

Don’t tell me tho

Kate: Maddie

I am also SO MAD about the Lane plot for the final season

Kate: Oh god you are speeding through

Madeleine: Oh yeahhhhh

Tuesday November 18, 9:02 pm

Madeleine: Omg Christopher is such a psycho

Kate: Hahaha

I have not seen some of the end episodes because I just couldn’t

Madeleine: “Lor”

Kate: They go way back

In case you didn’t know

I’m going to do a blog of just your texts about Gilmore Girls

Madeleine: Hahahaha

Do people generally like Logan?

Kate: Mixed. Feelings. I mean he changes you know?

Madeleine: I think he’s too good for Rory

Kate: Wow I haven’t heard that one before

Madeleine: I like to shock with my opinions

Kate: You don’t think he’s kind of a dick

Madeleine: He’s always been straight froward, which I like. And he admits when he’s wrong

But a bit of a dick, sure

Saturday November 22, 4:56 pm

Madeleine: A wrap on Gilmore Girls.

Kate: Thoughts?


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