Magical Woman Says Covid-19 Can't Be Cured With Magic

Magical Woman Says Covid-19 Can't Be Cured With Magic
Image:Dimitrios Kambouris (Getty Images)

Stevie Nicks is getting old and it’s fine, she seems to enjoy it. At 72, she is as spritely and bewitching as she was when she debuted with Fleetwood Mac in… when was it, the ‘70s? The only thing not so great about getting older, for Nicks, is that she has to do it all while being stuck at home in a country where people think magic will end the ongoing pandemic. (Or sheer, willful stupidity.) As a magic woman herself, she’d like everyone to know that’s not how it works!

In a recent interview with AP, Nicks admitted she’s somewhat befuddled at the severity of the ongoing pandemic, as measures to curb it are (frankly) obvious, and still ignored.

“I don’t feel like the whole world is really getting behind getting this to go away. I feel like people are just thinking it really is just magically going away. All it takes is a few people that don’t wear a mask to spread.

Nicks added that the pandemic feels like the “never-ending story,” which is bad for her specifically, because she’d rather be on the road, touring the country and singing her magic songs.

“This pandemic is more than just a pandemic for me. This is stealing what I consider to be my last youthful years. I don’t have just 10 years to hang around and wait for this thing to go away. I have places to go, people to sing for, another album to make. With every day that goes by, it’s like taking this time away from me. That I think is the hardest thing for me.”

It’s not that Nicks is afraid to get old, she’s just annoyed she has to do it like this. She says she has “a lot of friends that are 60 and they’re going, “Oh I’m so old, I’m 60.” To this, Nicks says: “The violins of the world are playing for you.”

For all her magical prowess though, Nicks cannot make the pandemic go away. Her powers stop just short of putting a mask on everyone’s face. At least she can still make music, though. She has a new song out, about um… the Kennedys and also God. Conjured up from a dream about a benefit concert attended by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, John Lewis, John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy, Nicks tells AP, “This song really is a prayer. This song is a prayer for people to unite. A prayer for people to get together.”

You can listen to it below.

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