Male Journalist Seeks Proof Wendy Davis Really Had an Abortion

Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis recently revealed that she’d had two abortions in the past — both for medical reasons, and both heartbreaking. But without a man to verify that the abortions actually happened, how can the public be sure? Thank goodness intrepid boy detective and National Review Online contributor Dustin Siggins is on the case!

In Davis’s memoir, the Democrat recalls falling into despair after terminating two pregnancies in the 1990’s — one because her fetus had developed a brain abnormality and one ectopic pregnancy. She says she shared her stories not to benefit her campaign, but because she gives a shit about families. One in three American women will have an abortion in her life. It’s not an uncommon thing.

But Siggins was pretty sure she was lying (I’m not linking to it because fuck him and also, you can google it if you want to read it). No particular reason. He just thinks she might be a liar. And in an endeavor that is fair to describe as “psychotic,” he wrote the following:

Horne said that “only Ms. Davis knows the truth about her alleged abortions. We simply do not know the circumstances of Wendy Davis’s apparent abortions.” Horne noted that “it is extremely rare — if not non-existent — for a woman to have an abortion because the pregnancy posed a risk to her life. As for fetal anomalies, it simply isn’t necessary to abort a child because he or she is sick or has a medical condition.”
“It would be disturbing to think that she may be using her abortions as a way to gain political favor with Democratic voters,” Horne added.
Horne’s analysis matches that of a 2004 Guttmacher Institute survey of women who had abortions. The survey found that only 4 percent said that “their most important reason” for having an abortion was “physical problems with my health,” and 3 percent named “possible problems affecting the health of the [baby].”
The Davis campaign did not respond to questions about whether Davis’s highly unusual abortions were matched by any medical evidence, doctor statements, or public verification from her ex-husband or two daughters.

Did a National Review Online reporter just ask the Wendy Davis campaign for copies of her medical records so that a blogger who quotes Operation Rescue in political stories could be positive about the details of her abortions? And nobody saw a problem with this? Not a one person was like, hey, this is a fucked up angle for a story and you’re really driving home an “anti-abortion people do not care about women” narrative here. Are you sure you want to do this? Is this the message you want to send? We’re going to bring her daughters into this? This seems wrong.

Guess so.

And there, my friends, is a single microcosmic example of why American women will never vote Republican.

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