Male Model Murders Older Lover, Wears His Severed Testicles As a Bracelet, It's Saturday


As Ali MacGraw’s character iconically informed Ryan O’Neal, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry for wearing your ex-boyfriend’s balls like an ASOS accessory.” Renato Seabra, a 21-year-old Portugese model, is currently on trial for the castration and murder of former lover Carlos Castro, 65, a society journalist, gay activist and television personality in Portugal. Last year, Castro took Seabra on as a sugar daddy, flying him to Manhattan and providing financial support and modeling gigs, but dumped him after he discovered that Seabra was out partying with women.

On January 7th, Seabra confronted Castro about the tightening of his purse strings, and as the argument heated up, the younger man bludgeoned Castro with a computer monitor until he died, removed his testicles with a corkscrew and, incredibly, strapped the dead man’s genitals around his wrists (“He did this for his protection,” explains Seabra’s lawyer. “He could also harness the power.”) and actually took to the streets with the delusion that the severed body parts were amulets of health and healing.

The lawyer goes on: “He wandered the streets of Manhattan, touching people, because he had the power to cure people from AIDS, because he had the power to cure them.” When apprehended, Seabra willingly told police that he had killed Castro, because “he thought what he had done was right.” Unsurprisingly, Seabra and his legal team are claiming insanity and hoping to have him committed to a psychiatric facility rather than prison.

‘Portuguese male model Renato Seabra cut off lover’s testicles and wore them on his wrists, his lawyer says’ [NYDN]

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