Male Strippers Fake Out, Take Over Britain's Got Talent

In Depth

Exotic dancers aren’t new on any iteration of This Country’s Got Talent, but a recent production number on Britain’s Got Talent completely caught the judges by surprise. That’s because what started as a fairly standard singing audition ended with a not-quite-full-monty.

The stripping, which was done by performance group Forbidden Nights (of whom one of the members is my Facebook friend even though I have no idea how that happened) was classy and tasteful (they claim they’re a mix of Cirque Du Soleil and Magic Mike) compared to what one might usually see on national television and while the gentlemen didn’t include the aerial acts and fire-breathing that’s in their regular shows, the synchronized routine and the fake out that got the judges to believe that a microphone malfunction really did require five crew members to fix were totally worth it.

For the record, the judges said “yes,” so you’ll be seeing a lot more male stripper on your TV. At least for a little bit. In Britain. Progress.

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