Malia Obama Is Allegedly Working for Lena Dunham Now


Malia Obama may have a new job, and she’s not just flipping burgers or restocking a dressing room at Target like other teens. No, Malia may be hard-working, but she’s reportedly got a pretty cushy gig: interning on Girls.

TMZ reports that the president’s daughter was spotted hanging out on the set of Girls on Thursday. Allegedly, Malia’s doing intern work for Lena Dunham (who must be so into bossing the leader of the free world’s daughter around and having inappropriate heart-to-hearts) but it doesn’t look like it requires heavy lifting or running for coffee.

Here’s a photo Page Six posted of Malia just hanging out and being a total Marnie (is that the good one?) on Thursday.

Pretty swell internship if TMZ is accurate. The gossip site reports that this is Malia’s second job in the media. Last year, she interned at Extant.

Malia’s also turning 17 on Saturday, so maybe the set visit was an early birthday present and not an actual job?

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