Man Spends Years Turning Home into Fun Zone for Rescue Cats


This California home has become the ultimate kitty playground for a group of rescued cats, thanks to a dedicated homeowner.

According to Houzz, Peter Cohen invested thousands of dollars turning his Goleta home into a headquarters for Cat Overlord operations fun home for cats he has rescued over the years. When he first moved into the house, he discovered two outdoor stray cats roaming throughout the property. After one of them died when it was struck by a car, Cohen decided to keep the surviving cat inside and make his home as inviting as possible for other cats who were used to being outside:

After a home remodel in the 1990s, Cohen began constructing catwalks and tunnels for his feline companions. The intricate and artistic platforms and walkways allow the cats to climb, jump and crawl through the house, and they even connect to various litter boxes — 24 of them — which are concealed in closets with fans and the garage. “The house is designed not to smell, and it doesn’t,” he says.
Cohen got the idea for his catwalks after picking up a mini book called The Cats’ House, by Bob Walker. “I thought, ‘I’m a builder. I could do that,'” he says. When there was downtime at his building firm,Trillium Enterprises, Cohen traded tools with carpenters and had them come to his house to design and build the additions.

Cohen was interviewed by Catster (aka the greatest blog in the history of all blogs) last year, but the video of his work has only recently gone viral. Cohen’s project is reminiscent of Greg Krueger’s efforts to transform his house into an elaborate playland for his cats. (One more cat person turning their house into a Cat World and it will officially be a trend!

H/t Huffington Post.

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