Man Thinks NBC Changed Logo For Gay Marriage, Will Have None Of It

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Poor, poor Don Stair. All this Little Rock resident wanted was to live in a world where the media doesn’t cater to the views of one tiny and perverted sexual minority. That’s why he was livid when his NBC affiliate changed the colors of their peacock logo to the rainbow flag to support gay marriage and chose to give those lily-livered idiots a piece of his mind about equal rights.

Raw Story reports that Stair was so incensed about the fact that marriage had become legal for everyone that he forgot the fact that the NBC peacock was already multi-colored. In fact, he was so angry that he logged into his Facebook account and wrote the following on his local affiliate’s page:

“Your changing your station logo with the colors of gays is a disgrace,” complained Facebook user Don Stair. “Just stay out of it… Your integrity is ruined… ABC KATV is my choice in the future for all Little Rock station viewing… Shame on you!”

Look at that. I like to imagine that every one of Don’s numerous ellipses actually represents a moment in which he was so overcome with emotion about the dark turn our country had taken that he couldn’t even get words out to express how horrible he felt about our ever-changing world and just had to write … every time he burst into another round of patriotic, bigoted tears in mourning of our once-great nation.

Unfortunately for Stair, his trials were not over. While he was steadfast in his admonition of NBC’s views, other users (including NBC) were quick to point out that the station’s peacock had always been made of rainbow colors.

From Raw Story:

“We didn’t change our logo Don,” the station replied. “Same logo as always.”
At least one viewer backed Stair in his mistaken outrage.
“Oh so gay people can marry now and your media relations group have the graphics team change the peacock to the gay pride colors?!” posted Casey Wayne Martineau. “(That’s it, I’m) never watching this news channel again you gay rights advocating atheists, jesus will not be happy with you. You’re my boy, Don.

What an interesting use of parentheses. E.E. Cummings would be proud. Nobody else was pleased for Don, though. Several people pointed out that NBC’s logo had always been a rainbow and some, Raw Story reports, even made fun of Stair for his message, proving once again that idiots will laugh as Obama tramples over the rights of christians to bring heathens the right to marry each other so he can be reelected for a third term. (I only know he’s running for a third term from the conspiracy theory pages I hate-read for fun)

Stair has since deleted his Facebook account, but I will bet you exactly one queer-as-fuck three dollar bill that he’s going to tell people he was driven off Facebook by intolerant gays who wouldn’t respect his views or right to free speech. Fight the good fight, Don! It’s Americans like you that make our country great!

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