March Madness, Day 2: Cake Vs. Pie Showdown Continues!


Our ultimate Pie vs. Cake tournament is off and running! No big upsets just yet, but today’s competitors will turn up the heat. Place your bets now.

[The original bracket and tournament guidelines are available here.]

Yesterday’s kickoff brought no surprises — your bracket is safe for now, with the top seeds moving forward: Birthday Cake stomped all over Fruitcake, and Apple Pie breezed past Grasshopper (though Grasshopper did pull almost 1/5 of the vote, an outcome deserving of respect). And what gladiators will be entering the coliseum today?

Starting now, we’re going to up the daily ante with two matchups per conference — that means four crucial votes every day. Today’s tournament action: From the Cake Conference, it’s #5 Coffee facing off against #12 Bundt, and the tense rivalry between #8 Angel Food and #9 Pound Cake will take to the court. Over in the Pie Conference, it’s #5 Peanut Butter vs. #12 Boston Cream, plus #8 Pecan against #9 Banana Cream. It’s bound to be a helluva match. Be sure to scroll down and vote in all four matchups.

The polls will close tomorrow at 2:55pm EDT. Winners announced and voting to resume on Monday. Now make some noise!

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