March Madness Day 5: Of Princes and Cosby Sweaters


A new day, a new 80s vs. 90s March Madness nail biter. Last Friday, the technicolor unicorns of Lisa Frank impaled the Cabbage Patch Kids out of the running while, over on the 90s side, the Rachel — a haircut that defined a generation — used its choppy layers to sweep Prince and his assless pants right off the bracket. Today we continue and — whuddya know! — Prince gets a second chance to take it all. Be sure to print out your bracket and follow along!

Stepping into the 80s ring this Monday, we have The Cosby Show and all that it represents (the best sitcom family ever and the Cosby sweater) and Prince circa Purple Rain (remember — a vote for Prince is also a vote for Wendy and Lisa). Who deserves your vote more is up to you so what will it be? The Huxtables or that tiny, funky sex sprite who would totally die for you? Is this what it sounds like when doves cry?

Over in the 90s conference, we’ve got another hard decision to make, especially if you were between the ages of 6 and 16 at any point throughout the decade. Do you go with the Spice Girls, the British pop girl group that convinced you that a Union Jack mini-dress paired with cat ears that had been woven out of your hair was a good idea? Or do you go with Ann M. Martin’s classic serial The Babysitter’s Club, which taught you all about how to run a business, diabetes and the best way to wear a sweater like a boss? Wait — was Claudia the Cliff Huxtable of the nineties?

Tell us what you want, what you really really want. Polls are open for 24 hours.

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