Marco Rubio: Being Anti-Abortion Is Like Civil Rights, Women's Suffrage


In a speech Friday at the National Right to Life Convention, Senator and Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio promised to be as anti-abortion as humanly possible, calling abortion “indefensible.” He compared the anti-abortion movement to civil rights, women’s suffrage and the abolition of slavery. Nothing is more presidential than a good string of raging hyperbole!

Here’s a video of that portion of his remarks:

The White House needs an occupant who values and prioritizes life. So my pledge to you is this. If you send me to that place, I will never forget this place. And I would bring advocacy to the White House and we would get things done. And we would advance the cause of life at home and around the world.
Sometimes in contemporary American life, we come to believe that all the great causes are over, that the past generations fought all the important battles: Abolition. The civil rights movement. Women’s suffrage. But it’s not true. One of the most important battles is the one you are engaged in now.”

Bloomberg notes that Rubio ran through all the anti-abortion greatest hits:

Speaking to the crowd in New Orleans, he hit all the necessary notes — legal abortion is “the taking of innocent life on a massive scale”; Roe v. Wade was an “egregiously flawed Supreme Court decision”; the case for abortion rights is “indefensible.”
If an embryo is “not a person, what is it? Because if you left it alone, that’s the only thing it can become,” he said. “It can’t develop into a pony!” Though he didn’t mention it in his speech, Rubio has supported three exceptions to making abortion illegal—in cases of rape, incest and if the mother’s life is at stake.

As Oprah might say, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Or at the very least, remember it, should Rubio make it out of the primaries.

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