Marcus Bachmann Threatens to Straight Up Sue Gay Rights Activist


Fancy dancing wannabe First Husband Marcus Bachmann is none too pleased with one activist’s attempt to expose his kooky gay curing therapies. He’s threatening to sue him for an unpaid $150 therapy bill.

John Becker is part of a gay activism group called Truth Wins Out. This summer, he planned to secretly tape gay therapy sessions at Marcus Bachmann’s pray the gay away clinic in Minnesota, but Becker didn’t show up for his last two sessions (maybe he was cured!). In the video captured during the super secret mission, Becker recorded a counselor at Bachmann’s clinic saying that men had “perverted what the attraction to a woman should be” and that men’s eyeballs were made specially to be attracted to women.

So much science that I feel like putting on a lab coat and pouring some green shit into a beaker!

Becker’s tactics mirror that of conservative turdboy James O’Keefe, and, like O’Keefe, Becker’s been accused of setting the clinic up. The Bachmanns maintain that they don’t provide “reparative therapy” and that Becker and a woman posing as his wife had entered the clinic specifically seeking to address specific issues around Becker’s desire for other men.

Marcus Bachmann is hopping mad about the whole affair and has decided that he’s going to turn Becker’s unpaid iPod nano-sized bill over to a collection agency. He even went so far as to call Becker himself and leave a voicemail asking for payment in full.

In Bachmann’s defense, Becker did sign a contract that’s fairly standard at many therapists’ offices. To counter the financial impact of no-shows, patients are often required to provide notice for cancellations or bear financial responsibility for their cost. But calling Becker himself and demanding payment for a $150 bill is overkill. From a publicity standpoint, the clinic would probably have been best served letting it slide. After all, didn’t they get like $137,000 from the federal government? Since Michele Bachmann’s presidential hopes are fading fast, maybe Marcus thought that now would be a good time to show the conservative base that Bachmann is Tough On Gays.

Hindsight’s 20/20, though, and Bachmann’s already made his move. It would probably be best for Becker to just pay up at this point. My grandpa always told me that it’s never good policy to let a homophobe mess with your credit score.

Marcus Bachmann to Gay Rights Activist: Pay your bill [WSJ]

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