Margaret Qualley Seems to Have Come to Her Senses

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Margaret Qualley Seems to Have Come to Her Senses
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After very publicly gallivanting around town (Los Angeles) with accused abuser and then-boyfriend Shia LaBeouf just two months ago, Margaret Qualley has spoken out in support of FKA Twigs.

On Saturday, the actress posted Twigs’s March Elle cover on Instagram with the caption “Thank you.”

In the cover story, Twigs described the emotional and physical abuse she endured throughout their roughly nine-month relationship, sharing some of the same experiences she detailed in December, when she first came forward—like an incident on Valentine’s Day 2019, when LaBeouf threatened to crash the car he was driving unless Twigs said she loved him.

These sorts of harrowing accounts were being widely discussed when Qualley and LaBeouf were photographed together on more than one very paparazzi-friendly occasion, in what seemed like an obvious ploy to help LaBeouf’s image. (There was a lot of PDA involved.) Needless to say, it wasn’t a great look.

It’s impossible for us to know what Qualley’s relationship with LaBeouf was like in private, or what drove her to finally end it. It could be that she experienced some of the same abuse Twigs alleged, or as E! News reported, she may have simply realized that being linked to LaBeouf was a problem for her career. Or it could be neither of these things; I won’t speculate any further. Whatever her reason, ditching LaBeouf and showing solidarity with Twigs is clearly the right thing to do, and I’m glad Qualley seems to see it that way now, too.

I’m chilled to the core by Kourtney Kardashian’s alleged handwriting:

Screenshot:Travis Barker/Instagram (Fair Use)

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