Margot Robbie Hasn't Seen Any Star Wars Movies and Will Continue to Not See Them

Margot Robbie Hasn't Seen Any Star Wars Movies and Will Continue to Not See Them

Earlier this week, the stars of Quentin Tarantino’s next movie Once Upon A Time in Hollywood—Margot Robbie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt—sat down with MTV, where Leo cowered out of the one question everyone has been dying to know for decades: Was there enough room on that door in Titanic? Did Jack need to die? He offered, “no comment,” and I moved on with my life, not realizing the truly delicious news nugget from the conversation came from Robbie.

In a separate clip, she reveals that she’s never seen Star Wars, and isn’t planning on binging the movies anytime soon, exclusively because it pisses people off so much.

She began by calling out DiCaprio, who sounds like he might be a bit of a film snob? Just saying:

“I remember when we did Wolf of Wall Street, you would get angry at me all the time anytime I mentioned any movie I haven’t seen. You would be like, ‘How have you not seen Citizen Kane? How can you work in this industry and not have seen Citizen Kane? I’m like, ‘I just got here to this industry, like, you’ve had more time to watch this stuff!’ Then I went home and I’d go watch Citizen Kane and watch all the movies he’s like, ‘You have to see this. You have to see this!’”

Then she dove straight into Star Wars territory:

“I’ve never seen any Star Wars. And I kind of don’t watch it now just because it infuriates people so much, like, ‘How? How have you never watched any, any Star Wars?’ And I just kind of wanna see how long I can make it now.”

This speaks directly to my college-aged self who refused to watch Pulp Fiction and The Godfather despite how happy it would make the film students I almost exclusively dated. Truly the representation I needed on this summer Friday.

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