Mariah Cancels New Album; Elin Wears "Chastity Belt Made Of Spikes"

  • Mariah Carey‘s remix album Angels Advocate, which was set to come out next week, has been canceled. Mimi’s management says, “We’re looking to go possibly to another studio album or Christmas album… It’s a creative process that cannot be rushed.”
  • The album was already pushed back from its original released date of February 23. According to the fan site, her managers say, “The album will not be put out in the regular album fashion but they are working on releasing some singles off the album. ‘It won’t go to waste,’ we were assured.” [Daily Express]
  • Another disgrunted former Lady Gaga collaborator has come out of the woodwork. Tommy Kafafian, Lady Gaga‘s former bassist and co-writer of “Disco Heaven,” says she still owes him royalty checks but he doesn’t plan to take legal action against her. “I don’t wanna sue anybody,” he said. “It’s really not my style.” []
  • Nadya Suleman is facing foreclosure because Amer Haddadin, the man who sold her her house, says her family hasn’t paid him the $450,000 he’s owed. Suleman’s lawyer says he doesn’t think she’ll be evicted because Haddadin failed to disclose a water leak problem and a roofing problem that could lead to “some litigation.” [Radar]
  • Amer Haddadin e-mailed Dr. Phil and Oprah Winfrey asking them to step in to prevent the house from going into foreclosure. He wrote, “Dr. Phil and Operah [sic] took personal interest in the steps that led to Nadia (sic) moving to the house. I have a hope that both Dr. Phil and Operah will help me in timely and fair solution.” Oprah’s rep responded, “Oprah has not financially assisted Ms. Suleman in the past and has no plans to do so in the future.” [TMZ]
  • FYI, Oprah Winfrey, and Stephen Spielberg are celebrity billionaires. [Forbes]
  • Dr. Conrad Murray‘s lawyer says he hasn’t received a report cited by News of the World that claims Murray didn’t tell EMTS he had given Michael Jackson Propofol. However, “We can say unequivocally that Dr. Murray did everything in his power to save Michael Jackson’s life and that he fully cooperated with both the paramedics at the scene and physicians at UCLA Medical Center.” [TMZ]
  • Last week Sandra Bullock canceled her appearance at the London premiere of The Blind Side and now she’s skipping the Berlin premiere too. [E!]
  • Police showed up at Jesse James‘ West Coast Choppers shop this morning for unknown reasons. [E!]
  • Kelly Madison, cousin of Jesse James‘ ex-wife Janine Lindemulder, says they’re hoping Janine can get shared custody of her daughter Sunny now. “What goes around comes around and hopefully Sunny will get a more stable environment through all of this,” she said. “Janine and Jesse just do not get along and the accusations that Janine would expose her daughter to pornography were absolutely ridiculous. The reality is that a lot of porn stars have kids and they do their filming in studios away from their children – the only real crime Janine was guilty of was not paying her taxes.” [Radar]
  • Jesse James‘ first ex-wife Karla James stopped by his Huntington Beach home this weekend. [TMZ]
  • Michelle McGee‘s ex-husband Shane Modica says, “According to Michelle, [Sandra and Jesse] had this big thing going on where they were going to announce their divorce on a certain timeline and she was going to be the next woman. Michelle would tell me, ‘You don’t know what’s going on. [Sandra] is in another country. They are not even together. They live in separate places. She doesn’t help out with the kids. All this is fabricated. They are under some kind of a contract.'” [The Insider]
  • Michelle McGee sounds more charming every day. Today, a source reveals, “She has a large iron eagle tattooed just above her private area. Below the eagle’s claws is a bright red swastika, just like how you see in those Nazi symbols.” [Radar]
  • Sleeping with married men — always hilarious! Michelle McGee recently filmed a video spoof making fun of Sandra Bullock using a Jesse James look-a-like and a girlfriend as Sandra. It’s unclear if it will ever be released. [Radar]
  • When contacted through Facebook, Michelle McGee‘s best friend said, “Yes I knew about the affair when it happend Have I spoken to her recently? Haha well I’m in her house now. I’ve been here since before the affair surfaced in the media.” She added, “I absolutely feel bad for Sandra. No one deserves to be cheated on. I don’t think that michelle is a homewrecker, he had a choice to do what he did.” [BlackBook]
  • When asked to comment on Sandra Bullock‘s marital strife, Mo’Nique said, “To my sweet sister Sandra, my prayers are with you. My prayers are also with your husband, baby. That is between the two of you and I hope ya’ll make it work.” [ET]
  • Everyone in Michelle McGee‘s hometown of Eastlake, Ohio is shocked by how she turned out. “As she entered high school, she continued her love of sports and was known as a sweet person who got on with everyone and wasn’t ‘boy crazy’ or anything like that,” said her former high school friend. “Michelle was an honor roll student who had mostly A and B grades and she was not one of those teenagers who went crazy and got bad grades.” [Radar]
  • Did you know Michelle McGee wasn’t born with tattoos covering 70% of her body? Here’s photo evidence: [Radar]
  • We’ve already seen far too much of Michelle McGee, but the Gossip Gods have delivered this video of her stripping, offering $20 lap dances, and showing off her tattoos: [Radar]
  • Ugh! Two more stripping videos here: [TMZ]
  • Avril Lavigne and Deryck Whibley left a L.A. tattoo shop with bandages on their forearms last night. The couple that gets tattooed together stays together! [TMZ]
  • Though Corey Haim‘s funeral was held on the 16th, his family is still accepting donations to pay for the service. A statement posted on Haim’s website explains, “Unfortunately, the amount of donation the media has reported that Startifacts made to The Corey Haim Memorial Fund was less in actuality (they donated $10,000 rather than $20,000). This means that the funeral expenses have not been taken care of in their entirety. If you haven’t donated and would like to, please know that donations are still very much needed.” [Radar]
  • A source says Amy Winehouse is headed back to rehab. “Things have got too much for her recently and it’s important she gets some help to control her drinking,” said the source. “She has come a long way from a couple of years ago but there’s still a long way to go. Right now life in London is getting on top of her.” [News Of The World]
  • Would you believe that Elin Nordegren is not happy with her marriage to Tiger Woods? “She suffered through the pain of her parents divorcing and doesn’t want to do that to her kids. But she is not happy in the marriage. The trust is gone,” says a source, who adds, “she wears a chastity belt made of spikes. They are not living together as a couple. They are putting on a charade for the children.” [People]
  • While Tiger Woods was giving two five minute interviews this weekend, Elin Nordegren was hiding out on his yacht with their kids. [People]
  • Actress Tara Subkoff was spotted out in L.A. this weekend for the first time since undergoing surgery for a potentially fatal brain tumor. [TMZ]
  • The ’80s really are back: Jane Fonda is hosting the first-annual World Fitness Day in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome on May 1. [People]
  • Snooki was charged for selling booze to minors after Michael Truncali died in a drunk driving accident after partying at her house in 2004. However, Truncali’s best friend doesn’t blame her for what happened. “I don’t really find that I can blame anyone for it. Michael made his own decisions… but I do think things could have been different. I always think, ‘What if we didn’t go to that party?’ It would never have happened.” [Radar]
  • Ben Affleck has launched the Eastern Congo Initiative, a foundation that aims to raise money and awareness for women and children in Congo. [AP]
  • This weekend, a motorcyclist crashed into the car of Barbara Streisand‘s goddaughter Caleigh Peters and died. Police say the accident wasn’t Peters’ fault. [Radar]
  • Here’s your daily update on Kendra Wilkinson‘s diet: She Tweeted, “I hate anything that says lowfat!!!! ewwwwwww!! I love fat so much!!” [Us]
  • Bethenny Frankel‘s wedding is on Sunday and she says her fiance Jason Hoppy is “really excited.” Yawn. [Us]
  • Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko: Still dating. [Star]
  • Miley Cyrus will “guest mentor” American Idol contestants this week and perform on Wednesday’s show. [Reuters]
  • Craig Ferguson says the Conan O’Brien late night debacle was a “wake up call.” “As I watched that, whatever that was, unfold, I realized that I am not part of this — I am not part of the late-night clubhouse,” Ferguson said. “Don’t ever rope me in as a late-night talk show host. I don’t want to be one. I neither care nor have any ambition about that. The thing is, Dave’s doing a great job and he does what he does. I don’t do what David Letterman does.” [Reuters]
  • Eli Roth wrote a letter to the CEO of SeaWorld after a trainer was killed by a whale last month. “All the violence and suffering in my films is pretend – no one is hurt, ever. Sadly, the same is not true at SeaWorld, which targets their entertainment at families and children,” he wrote. “You are sending a far more dangerous message to kids, whose lives would be just as happy and fulfilled without seeing a large intelligent creature jump around to music for their entertainment, and would probably take a more active interest in protecting whales if they saw them out in the ocean where they belong.” [Radar]
  • Diablo Cody says of writing United States of Tara‘s second season, “I wasn’t completely satisfied with the last season, actually. I thought the performances were outrageously strong, and obviously the show is not lacking in resources. Spielberg is a god; Showtime is a great place to be. I feel like there’s no reason for the show not to be great. So going into season two, I thought, I have to stop being kind of passive and awestruck. I’m not so green anymore that I can’t insert myself in stuff that I feel is lacking.” [N.Y. Magazine]
  • When Shannen Doherty was asked if it will be weird to compete against Pamela Anderson on DWTS because they were both briefly married to Rick Salomon, she said, “I don’t think either one of us really think of that as a factor at all… Pamela’s gonna be sexy, sexy, sexy, and so much fun to watch.” [Us]
  • DWTS contestant Kate Gosselin says, “I wake up in a cold sweat every night. What have I signed up for?” [Us]
  • Jennie Garth says she and husband Peter Facinelli want a fourth baby because, “I love a big family. I’d love to have a little boy because I’d love to have a mini-Peter. I’d want to dress him in a little wife-beater like a little Italian boy, but who knows what will happen? One second [Peter’s] on board with it, and the next he’s like ‘maybe,’ because three girls in one house is intense. There’s a lot of emotion in my house, which can be exhausting.” [Babble]
  • Joan Jett on the advice she gave Kristen Stewart about playing her in The Runaways: “She didn’t really ask anything too specific. She was more or less into small details — “How would you say this?” “How would you do this?” “How would you start this chord?” Most of the other stuff I just dumped on her right away. When we first met, I talked and talked and talked at her for hours. About The Runaways and told her stories I’d never told anyone else. I thought it was important. I gave her tape of me talking at age 14 so she could hear the way I was… I wanted her to know Joan and not Joan Jett. You get so used to the hair and the makeup and the leather jacket as opposed to the person behind that and I wanted her to know the person. I think we really did get down to that.” [Us]
  • Edie Falco says her experience with alcoholism helps her on Nurse Jackie. “I think addiction is a very specific physiological mindset. So it certainly does help to have some background with that. Because if you explain it to a non-addict — that you’re pulled to something that’s so bad for you — it doesn’t make sense. But to me, it makes perfect sense,” she said. [CBS News]
  • Sheila Kelley says of her character on Lost, “This beautiful journey of this entire show, between good and evil, between science and faith, lies within Zoe. After I got the role, one of the first things I did was look look up what the name meant because there is so much mythology to everything. And I learned that ‘Zoe’ is Greek and it means life.” [Us]
  • Like Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightly won’t be appearing in the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. She explains, “I said when I finished the trilogy that that was going to be it – I had a wonderful time on it and I met some extraordinary people but you know, I think, for me three is enough, definitely.” [Mirror]
  • If you’ve been anxiously awaiting a Culture Club reunion, today’s your lucky day: Boy George says, ”It’s our 30-year anniversary next year so we may do something – maybe a bar mitzvah, I don’t know.” [Telegraph]
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