Mariah Carey, Very Sreepy Baby, Misses Nail Appointment to Nap in Car


A famous assemblage of diva parts magnetized around a voice box and held together by a centripetal swarm of white wine, blue pills and pink glitter—Mariah Carey—missed her recent manicure appointment at the Beverly Wilshire hotel because she fell asweep in the car.

“Her two assistants came in to inform the staff that Mariah wasn’t ready to get out of the car,” an exclusive source told Life & Style. By “not ready,” they mean totally passed out and don’t you dare sort of poke her on the leg and whisper “Mommy’s gonna carry you in now.” Oh no, no no.

“They said Mariah was sleeping and that she does not like to be woken up—ever! They said she likes to wake up naturally, ‘so you’ll have to wait.'”

She does not like to be woken up—ever!

To be fair—who does?!

After her 45-minute parking lot trip to dreamland, during which her assistants presumably reshuffled their pill boxes and looked at each other like “OOPS????,” she was “surprisingly nice” at the manicure appointment. Everyone involved was “relieved she wasn’t a nightmare!” But guys, sometimes all they need is a nap 🙂

Image via AP.

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