Marjorie Taylor Greene, Conspiracy Theorist and 'Christian Values' Candidate for Congress, Allegedly Has a History of Extramarital Affairs

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Conspiracy Theorist and 'Christian Values' Candidate for Congress, Allegedly Has a History of Extramarital Affairs
Screenshot:Marjorie Taylor Greene’s YouTube channel (Fair Use)

Marjorie Taylor Greene, the rightwing conspiracy theorist and noted bigot who is all but assured to win her race for Congress in Georgia, has been described as a “Donald Trump in heels.” And according to a New Yorker profile of the future member of Congress and her race, that comparison between Greene and Trump is even more apt than we thought—Greene, who enjoys talking up her strong belief in traditional family values, allegedly has quite a history of extramarital affairs.

Greene often describes herself as a wife, a mother, and a Christian and as someone who will bring those values to D.C. But according to Jim Chambers, the former owner of the CrossFit gym that Greene later took over, it seems part of Greene’s family values is sleeping with men who are not her husband. From the New Yorker:

[W]hen the former gym owner, Jim Chambers, first met Greene, he got the sense that it “had kind of taken her life over,” he told me. “She had a lot of time and a lot of money,” he said, and also a vague ambition, as he saw it, “to run a gym.” When, eight years later, it looked like she might be headed to Congress, Chambers got on social media and told the world that, back when he knew Greene, she was having “multiple, blatant extramarital affairs in front of all of us.” He added, “I don’t even judge that, until you say the kind of shit she does and claim the Jesus about it.”

The New Yorker also interviewed one of the men with whom Greene reportedly had an affair:

He asked not to be named and told me that he, too, was bothered by Greene’s hypocrisy. He provided me with a screenshot of a text exchange in which Greene acknowledged sleeping with him. “She never talked about politics,” he said. He told me he later learned that she was also sleeping with another man who was not her husband, “while the whole time being ‘super Christian.’ ” He added, “She’s not the pro-family, pro-Christian, strong-business woman she touts herself to be.”

Who knows, maybe she and her husband are swingers with an open marriage, which is a choice that I certainly don’t judge and in fact support! But that doesn’t seem what’s happening here. When asked by the New Yorker to respond to these allegations, Greene issued a vaguely worded threat. “Let me be clear with you,” Greene wrote in a text. “Writing defamatory articles about me is a very bad choice. Be very wise in who your ‘sources’ are.” (Chambers, according to her, is “Antifa,” which she is possibly basing on the fact that when he owned the CrossFit gym, he put up a sign that said “cops and active military were not welcome as members.”) Her attorney L. Lin Wood—who happens to also be one of the attorneys for Kyle Rittenhouse as well as Mark and Patricia McCloskey—described the profile as a whole as filled with “false accusations, half-truths, misrepresentations, out-of-context statements, and agenda driven lies,” but didn’t directly address the allegations that Greene engaged in numerous affairs.

All of this certainly smacks of hypocrisy, which will serve Greene well in D.C.!

Update (10:55 a.m.): It appears that L. Lin Wood and Marjorie Taylor Greene are now accidentally texting the New Yorker writer Charles Bethea their thoughts on his very good profile:

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