Mary J. Blige's Father Critically Injured After Stabbing

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Mary J. Blige‘s father, Thomas Blige, is in critical condition after being stabbed in the neck by an ex-girlfriend.

According to WOOD TV 8, Thomas Blige, 63, was stabbed in the neck by an ex-girlfriend during a domestic dispute at a southside apartment complex in Battle Creek, Mich. Blige reportedly confronted the woman and accused her of slashing his tires.
When police found Blige in his apartment, he had been stabbed three times, including one neck injury. The Battle Creek Enquirer said he underwent surgery at a hospital nearby Kalamazoo, Mich., and WOOD reports that he is in critical condition.
…There have reportedly been at least seven domestic violence complaints between Blige and his former girlfriend, who reportedly entered a no-contest plea after being charged with aggravated domestic violence against him last October and was sentenced to six months probation.

Ugh. [HuffPo]

Justin Bieber‘s attorney can’t name a single Justin Bieber song.

Black is perhaps most famous for getting William Kennedy acquitted of rape charges in 1991 and his other notable clients include Joe Francis, Kelsey Grammer and Rush Limbaugh.
But despite the fact that he’s previously represented high-profile celebs (and his wife is a bona fide Bravo star!), the 68-year-old attorney still can’t name a Justin Bieber song (apparently, he’s been out when it comes to pop culture until Team Bieber called).
“I will have to take the fifth on that,” he said when asked if he could name a Justin Bieber song. “However, I’m sure it’s excellent.”

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahah. [E!]

Also, THIS:

Tamera Mowry-Housley says she gets racist abuse because she’s married to a white man (Fox News correspondent Adam Housley).

“People choose to look past love and spew hate,” she said. “I get called ‘white man’s whore.'”
Telling others about what she’s been going through – mostly via comments on Twitter — has been a learning experience.
“What I’ve learned, honestly, is people who are saying this, it’s their issue, it’s their hate,” she tells PEOPLE. “As long as you don’t pass that along and be a part of that hate, you can be a change in the world. And that’s the reason why, honestly, I chose to speak of it.”
Since going public with her struggle she’s feeling the love from her family and beyond. “My father is very proud of me, my mother is very proud of me, and also interracial couples are very proud of me,” she says. “It was very important to voice it, but at the same time move on from it and focus on positivity from now on.”

Humans. 🙁 [People]

  • Apparently, if I were in Justin Bieber‘s “posse,” my name would be “Fly Swaggy.” Please refer to me as Fly Swaggy in all future communications. [E!]
  • Jon Hamm should really leash his dog. [E!]
  • Prince Charles said that he and Camilla Parker-Bowles were delivered by the same doctor, which is somehow gross. [People]
  • I will save you the time of reading through this clickbait post, and just tell you that Rachel McAdams‘s favorite Mean Girls quotes are the toaster strudel thing and “Is butter a carb?” [E!]
  • Is Justin Bieber dating a Kim Kardashian impersonator? [NYDN]
  • Lupita Nyong’o continues to be perfect. [Us]
  • Terrell Owens got secret-married to a postal worker. [Radar]
  • John Mayer is going to have sex with his throat surgeon or something. [E!]
  • Bye!

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