Mary-Kate Olsen And Dakota Fanning Snub Lindsay Lohan During Fashion Week

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Rumor has it that during fashion week, Mary-Kate Olsen and Dakota Fanning had a very specific goal and it was to get as far away from Lindsay Lohan as possible.

At Wednesday night’s V Magazine party presented by Veuve Clicquot bash at the Boom Boom Room, Olsen, 25, “flipped” when she was seated at a table across from the Mean Girls starlet and a friend, according to a witness.
With a male pal at her side, the Full House vet and fashion designer immediately asked the hostess to find her a different table — but, alas, “there wasn’t anything open,” the observer explains. “She looked so upset about her seat and kept looking over at Lindsay.” (Gerard Butler and Rachel Zoe also turned up for the V mag party.)
Quipped Olsen to her friend: “I really don’t want to be here right now.”
Lohan got the cold shoulder again the following night at the Oh, Lola! By Marc Jacobs fragrance launch at the Dream Downtown.
The 17-year-old actress (who is the spokesmodel for the Oh, Lola! fragrance) chatted with designer Marc Jacobs, director Sofia Coppolla and her new husband Thomas Mars before settling down into a banquette with a friend. When Lohan sat down nearby, Fanning “rolled her eyes” to her friend “they scooted further down the banquette to get away from Lindsay.”

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