Mary Poppins Returns and Hasn't Aged a Day in Trailer Starring Emily Blunt


Here’s one of those big tentpole films whose marketing begins so far in advance of release that you feel like you’ve already seen it twice in theaters, bought it on DVD, watched it again, and forgot you owned it by the time it actually opens. Mary Poppins Returns, the direct sequel to 1964’s Mary Poppins, has a full trailer. And we finally sort of maybe know what it’s about: Mary Poppins (Emily Blunt) has, ahem, returned to take care of the Banks children (now adults, one of whom is played by Ben Whishaw) after one of them suffers a tragedy. She looks the same because good witches don’t age? I guess? Lin-Manuel Miranda is also there.

“The magic always returns,” reads one bit of copy the moment Poppins’ first song begins. Like the trailer itself, the line is almost alarmingly confident. Here is a brand-new sequel to a 54-year-old film that helped launched Julie Andrews’ film career, was famously loathed by the creator of its main character, and beloved by the rest of the world. And here, without warning, is Meryl Streep:

Marry Poppins Returns hits theaters December 19.

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